Writer’s Slump

My wife and I have been out on many local bird-watching outings this spring. Between tramping around in the woods and streams of Western, NY; and selecting, processing, and uploading photographs to my on-line gallery, I just haven’t been able to apply myself to selecting the most interesting photographs for WordPress short-stories. Adding to my photographic workload was how to separate and  delete about  14,000 “unwanted” photographs from my wanted photographs–all clogging up my Lightroom catalog on my external working hard drive. Although I make weekly back-ups to a second external hard drive, my on-line gallery is linked to my photos in Lightroom, so upsetting these would have caused me a major headache.

In any event, after about 20 hours of testing and proceeding cautiously, I figured it all out (I also learned that to make this much easier in the future, the only photographs I should flag in Lightroom are those that I post to my on-line gallery).

Still, I would rather be out with the camera than sitting at the keyboard.  However, I promise to come up with something!

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