Full Moon Over Casco Bay?

What would a celebration of an astronomical event such as a full moon rise be without the turnout of some of the local residents? Here we see some of them bobbing offshore and perched on the rocks.IMG_4827As I reported last month, we attempted to photograph the rise of the super moon in the Adirondacks. That didn’t work out so well, due to clouds. But this month was to be different. First, I was now on the coast, so we had a true horizon (i.e., we would see the moon at the time published—6:41 PM), second, the weather was forecast to be clear. Alas, at 6:57 PM the second photograph shows what we saw—no moon!IMG_4821 We should have seen the moon to the right of Jewell Island. Unfortunately, that nice red haze you see turned out to be a developing fog and cloud bank. So we didn’t get our first glimpse of the moon until it cleared a layer of clouds at 6:57 PM. As you can see, the third and fourth photos show the drama to be gone—the moon doesn’t have that red cast. IMG_4823 IMG_4824

The only reason it looks as large as it does is because I shot it using my 400mm lens. A few minutes later it slipped away into another layer of cloud.IMG_4825

However, looking towards the west, the sunset really lit those clouds, so all was not lost.IMG_4829

We have another chance next month. I’m cautiously optimistic, given that we are in the nicest weather of the year.

-From the mid-coast

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