An Environmental Odyssey: Mid-coast Maine, South

This is my book’s working title. Its goal is to raise consciousness about the natural environment in which we all live and depend. I’ve just completed the first draft and sent it off for peer review; it has 179 photographs displayed on 149 pages. I don’t want to take away the book’s thunder, so I won’t be showing any of the photographs until the book comes out later this year, with the exception of this one panorama, below (click on image for full screen view).

Environmental Odyssey JPEGS Page 132

Once I receive the critical comments I’ll be in a better position to decide if I should look for a publishing house, or opt for self-publishing. The latter would give me full control over the finished product but places the burden of marketing on me. A marketing plan is important to lower the book’s costs by increasing its audience. Depending on reviewers’ comments, I would submit the manuscript to one or two publishing houses. Should a publishing house accept the manuscript, it would probably want some revisions. I would make my final publishing alternative based on the nature of the requested revisions.

I am open to hearing of the the experiences of others who have produced a photobook.

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