First Day at Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Today was mostly scoping things out. My first foray was to find the eagles’ nest, which I did. I also saw the look-out eagle, perched atop a dead tree. The rangers tell me there’s one egg (I’ll confirm this and ask how they know). Then he flew and circled around before taking off for what I assume was the hunt. Of course, I didn’t have the long lens with me. After that, I drove to the other end of the park to locate the beaver marsh and the heron rookery. No beaver, but I got some good shots of a pair of nesting swans. There were also lots of herons, as you can see in the accompanying photographs. Unfortunately, they roost in a marsh next to _p3a1455a busy road. They are still reinforcing their nests; they should be laying eggs, soon. I also took a number of other shots with my short lens.

Tomorrow will be overcast; I’ll go back for eagles, then to the Ledge untitled-1476Trail and its overlook to shoot some B+W landscapes. Wednesday promises a lot of rain so I’ll have to figure that one out.

-From the river of fire

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