Days Two and Three at CVNP

I’ve had some internet problems at my inn, but things seem to be working better, now. I must be walking about 4 to 5 miles per day, not to mention _p3a1653-hdr _p3a1668-hdrdriving to various locations. I’ve also had to shed some camera gear because it’s just too damn heavy for my aging body. This means I have to decide which camera and lens is best suited for each outing. The result is a shot presents itself requiring a lens I don’t have. I’ve been training for hiking, but I’ll have to focus more on body building upon return.

_p3a1621 These issues aside, the images are coming in. Today I shot some waterfalls and “fine art”, including dead stuff in the Cuyahoga Canal. _p3a1625Tomorrow promises rain and thunderstorms throughout the day, so opportunities will be limited. I will spend Thursday and Friday mornings sitting near the eagle’s nest hoping for an approach or departure by one of the eagles. We’ll see.

-From the river of fire

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