Myth, Mysticism, and Magic

Until now, the focus of my blog has been to show images of birds, animals, and landscapes to encourage people to think more deeply about the consequences of climate change and preserving our natural environment. I have backed up all my environmental statements with scientific evidence from credible private and governmental sources. I have kept direct political statements out of my posts. However, I must make an exception as political events could limit the free flow of scientific information on my blog.

An article in today’s New York Times cites the “disappearance” of scientific data from some U.S. Government websites as a result of the Trump Administration’s wish to sweep climate change and other topics with which it sees as contrary to its agenda “under the rug.” This is akin to the Catholic Church’s suppression of science in the days of Copernicus and Galileo. So, not only is democracy increasingly eroded here in the U.S. and elsewhere, but now the most objective way we have for understanding how the earth, and indeed the universe, works is also at risk. The implication is that we are to believe in myth, mysticism, and magic, as well as government propaganda.

I will be reviewing the U.S. Government hyper-links in my earlier posts and pages. In those cases where I find a link to be inactive I’ll post, [Link deactivated by the Trump Adminstration].


  1. Stephen,
    Your noble effort in photographing and recording the wildlife and landscape represent the hope for future generations. Sadly, we may only have the efforts of people such as you to demonstrate changes to our environment. Always know you have fans and cheerleaders. Additionally, I’m certain that some of us are more than cheerleaders – as such, we will, in our own ways and efforts, do our best to conserve nature, its beauty, and our nation’s resources for future generations. I pray that our cumulative efforts will overcome any governmental obstacles and create a better world.

    Be Well – Keep Being The Light of Truth With Every Truth Captured by Your Photographic Lens


    1. Thank you for your support, Lou. It’s not just me, many outdoor photographers shoot to raise environmental awareness. Of course, I’m sure we would all admit that this just gives us a great reason to be outdoors. But that’s the point, we have evolved being outdoors. Only since industrialization have we spent so much time indoors, while heating the atmosphere. The one best thing we can leave to our grand kids and beyond is a habitable environment.


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