Where have all insects gone? . . .

Working the Hostas Blossoms

In an earlier post, I discussed an article in the New York Times about the coming of the bugs that would invade our food supply. However, the Times is now reporting on the results of the Krefeld Study that found that all insects have been in sharp decline over the past 27 years. What gives? The reality is that bugs that can harm us are on the rise (ticks, mosquitoes, food pests) whereas the bugs that feed the birds and reptiles (the pollinators, etc.) are headed for extinction. We seem to have the worst of both worlds.

Not convinced? Have you noticed fewer bugs on your windshield and front bumper after driving during dusk over the past two decades? Entomologists call this the windshield phenomenon. I too have noticed far fewer bugs on my

Lonely Dragonfly

car and aircraft windshields when operating during dusk.

Scientists previously thought that this loss of insects was due to loss of habitat. Although this is a cause, climate change is the major reason for their decline. While you might think fewer insects are a good thing, taking them out of the biosphere mix is affecting our food supply (i.e., lack of pollination) and other ways not yet evident. Everything connects, take one out and the impacts ripple.

5 thoughts on “Where have all insects gone? . . .

  1. Peter 12/06/2018 / 10:11

    Mr. Fielding, found your blog from your comments on the Times’ site.
    I find it more than a little – maybe disheartening – or amazing – that we’re relying on the “windshield phenomenon”. That is, we’re not even tracking environmental collapse except by its effect on our cars! The truly sad part of the Time’s “Insect Armageddon” was that the data was collected by amateurs. There are no long term studies of this. If it weren’t for children and the elderly (retirees) running around with butterfly nets on the weekends, we wouldn’t even know as little as we do. To contrast, what are the ‘adults’ doing in the room? At least in America, University research is up for hire for Corporate interests.


  2. Debbie Jordan 11/28/2018 / 16:38

    Still a few mosquitoes left here in Tillman Heights, eagerly awaiting your next visit…

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