Moving to Maine

House Island from Peaks Island

With this post I digress a bit from discussing environmental issues.  I have been in the process of moving to Portland, Maine after 27 years in Rochester.  It has been a very tough decision that has evolved during the past six years.  I not only have great ambivalence about leaving my house with so many memories, I also have to leave the many friends I developed during my years in Rochester. I do hope they will visit me and invite me back to visit them. After all, I still have friends in New England who I have maintained friendships with over the past 27 years.

With this move I return to my New England home, though I have never lived in Maine. My late wife and I have been coming here to visit friends since 1980 and we wanted someday to live here. Although Maine is predominantly a rural state, I live in Cumberland County, of which Portland is part. It is the most urban, progressive part of Maine. Things are stressful as I am awaiting the sale of my Rochester house and entering a contract on a Portland house. All this going on while living in a winter rental on Peaks Island!

You might recall that I spent about ten weeks photographing coastal Maine in 2014 that resulted in a Photobook, Exploring Maine’s Coast: Belfast to Wells. Like Alaska, Maine still has bush pilots flying hunters and fisherman to its interior, not to mention Mount Katadin which is the beginning or end of the Appalachian Trail. Once I am settled I will begin going out with the camera to capture the Maine environment, opening a new chapter in my life.

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5 thoughts on “Moving to Maine

  1. So glad you will be closer..when my sister’s husband retired from his job in Florida(which they hated) and bought a house in Millinocket where Baxter State Park is..and they LOVE it..haven’t visited yet as they settled..please send your new address when your photos..always stunning!!Give a call sometime..would love to chat


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