Birds On the Go, and One Not

Just as the sports networks have reverted to broadcasting past games, without a lot of new photos, I am posting some past photos of particular interest. Here’s a collection from 2011-2013. I took the first photo in a wetlands east of Rochester, New York.

A Great Blue Heron takes wing in January 2013.

The following photo is part of a late afternoon series taken on Church Road west of Rochester, New York. Short-ears start feeding prior to dawn and sunset. Using the continuous setting on my camera, at 9 frames per second, I was able to get some good action shots. The following year leafy vegetables were planted in these fields–no owls because no rodents.

Short-eared Owl on low approach for rodents (they hear the rodents before they see them)

You have to defend your own seed pods.

Competition in the sunflower field
Competition in the sunflower field

In the Everglades the birds show no fear of humans just a few feet away (feeding them is prohibited). This Egret conveniently posed for the camera (though it was probably watching and listening for prey). The Tree Swallows were hard to get in the viewfinder. I had many empty frames, even with continuous shooting. Below, I managed to capture a Swallow a nano-second before insect capture.

Oatka Park in Western New York was always great for bird photography. Here, over Oatka Creek, several Cedar Waxwings were feeding on insects (hopefully, mosquitoes).

As small reptiles and insects disappear, so do the bird populations dwindle.

You can find a selection of birds whose populations are in decline in Shrinking Bird Populations.

3 thoughts on “Birds On the Go, and One Not

  1. Debbie Jordan 04/08/2020 / 15:29

    Wow – amazing photos!


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