Insectorama: Second Season

Falmouth Audubon: Google Earth photo

I went out to the Gilsland Farm (Falmouth Audubon), yesterday. It was a good bug photography day–overcast, light wind and about 75° F. As I walked along

many of the field and woods paths I wasn’t finding too much going on in the bug world. Perhaps that’s because we’re living during the insect apocalypse (see earlier posts).

Unexpectedly, I found more in the way of larger animals (and a former eagle’s nest). Unfortunately, these images aren’t super sharp as my camera was not set up for this type of

photography. However, given that I was rather close, you can see how these animals have come to see their environment as safe.

Oh, and one last thing for you peony lovers, the garden looks like it is about ten days away until full bloom.

Peonies not yet ready




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