Today on the Presumpscot River

Presumpscot River

Six Cormorants and a Loon

I’ve been looking for interesting places to photograph near my home. I found this place quite nearby that’s pretty quiet. I did a walk through with my 35mm camera and 135mm lens, using Ilford 100 film, and found some Cormorants, a Loon, and an Osprey. Since birds are territorial, I’m going back tomorrow with my big digital

Fishing over the Presumpscot River

lens to photograph the Osprey. They only eat fish and are the only raptor to dive underwater to catch their prey.  Eagles and others only skim fish off the surface. Maybe I’ll be fortunate enough to get a diving/launching shot. My digital camera is great for action since it can shoot 10 frames per second. The rest is up to the photographer.

Let’s see what happens!

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