The End of the Mass-produced, Industrial Era?

Let me begin by thanking those of you who follow my blog. I started it nine years ago with my late wife, Susan. Back then our focus was birds, particularly those whose populations are in decline. The idea was, and still is, to present attractive photos of the natural environment to remind people of what we are losing. More recently, I’ve expanded my focus with human-made structures so viewers can consider how these might impact our environment.

You will also see a new layout for my blog. Do send me comments about your likes and dislikes so I can consider any changes.

via The End of the Mass-produced, Industrial Era?

Read my, The End of the Mass-produced, Industrial Era? about the interrelationship between the coronavirus pandemic and climate change, first, and then click the link, above. I hope you will forward this link to others. Then view the just released documentary, Endgame 2050, available on Amazon Prime. You can also view it on YouTube.  There, everything I and others have discussed about climate change and the time remaining to address this crisis (about 10 years, maybe less) are nicely illustrated. One caution, the film is very disturbing.

It will come as a surprise to many that if we all ate vegan it would not only be good for limiting cruelty to animals, keeping our arteries clear, and reducing our cancer risk; it would also be good for the biosphere. You can find an article discussing the health risks of meat production in the New York Times Magazine.

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2 thoughts on “The End of the Mass-produced, Industrial Era?

  1. Go vegan! Hooray!

    However, it’s important to point out that there is distinction between “vegan” and “whole foods / plant based” eating. Vegan diets are indeed very good for the environment, and they are very good for limiting cruelty to animals. It’s so nice to eat a meal that doesn’t cause one to have a guilty conscience about the unspeakable pain and harm it is inflicting upon other sentient beings and the serious harm it is doing to our own earth.

    However, all vegan foods are NOT necessarily healthy foods: Twinkies are vegan, as are lots of other junk foods! A vegan diet that focuses on “whole” (unprocessed or minimally processed; unrefined or minimally refined) foods that are also plant based is best for optimal health.

    Go whole foods / plant based! Hooray!


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