Methane Bursting From Sinkholes

Note: Post originally published on Sept. 2, 2020

According to recent research conducted by the Scripps Institute at UCSD, these bursts do not significantly add to the greenhouse effect. However, the large volumes of methane released from petroleum wells do.

As the planet warms, we’ll see more methane (CH4) emissions from the ground and oceans. CH4 has up to 80 times the greenhouse effects as CO2.

3 thoughts on “Methane Bursting From Sinkholes

  1. Steve, I found this to be quite interesting! About two months ago I had a sidewalk collapse behind my garage back door and the manner in which it collapsed was like a “sink hole effect”! I ended up w/a fractured knee out of the ordeal and thankfully all is well and I am back to normal! Thanks for sharing! Jeanne



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