Sunday Cycle Ride Loop From Biddeford, ME

Click here to view the ride.

Well, it’s been just beautiful these past several days in Maine. I’ve ridden about 85 miles. I’m not sure how much longer it’s going to last before I have to put the bike way and bring out the snowshoes. This ride took us past Walker’s Point, home of the late GHW Bush. Sorry, I didn’t take the photo.

People were still swimming here in November. If that’s not proof positive of global warming I don’t know what is! Perhaps palm trees here in the near future (hey,they grow on England’s southwest coast).

3 thoughts on “Sunday Cycle Ride Loop From Biddeford, ME

  1. Yes, we have one of those too, each January. But we also have people who just swim all year around, without the fanfare. Rochester probably does, too. It takes all kinds!


  2. There are people who swim up here year round. Always have been. It’s not global warming – they’re just crazy.


    1. In Rochester we had the Polar Plunge each January. People used to line up to run into Lake Ontario with ice banks (frozen surf) 6 feet high all around. There were always firefighters in wetsuits in the water ready to pluck anyone who collapsed–yes, crazy.

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