Bradbury Mountain State Park

Listen to the audio.

Aside from photographing the environment, I’m now starting to hike more rugged trails to maintain my endurance and to prepare for more technical hikes with the Maine Outdoor Adventure Club (MOAC). I alternate cycling with hiking as the seasons change. Hiking also requires me to use my muscles differently, thus minimizing repetitive motion injuries, and aids bone density while cycling does not.

This New Year’s Eve day I went to this park. By this time of year Mainers should typically be wearing snowshoes, instead, as has been the case in recent years, Mainers are wearing micro-cleats more often because there is less snow and more ice on the trails. Ironically, this is because it’s warmer. Although this happens at lower temperatures, it happens more when the snow is wetter because it packs easier, then melts a bit during the day, and refreezes at night. After a few cycles solid ice forms, typically on the steepest portions of the trails where water flows, creating a “nice” glaze. And to think that I bought new snowshoes last season (I only wore them once).

Today’s temperature and dew point met at 32o F for a New Year’s celebration, leaving us in fog, shown in the following photo. You can find additional photos of the trails at my on-line gallery.

Bradbury Mountain State Park summit

I’ll be returning in the near future to do the more difficult O trail at Bradbury Mountain.

Until next time, I wish everyone a happy New Year and more frequent, safe social interactions in 2022!

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