Westbrook’S Ice Disk

Reported internationally, the current cold snap here in Maine is resurrecting the ice disk on the Presumpscot River in downtown Westbrook. Apparently, the river creates a vortex along with a sinking column of cold water that freezes at a slower rate than the surrounding waters, thus creating the disk. A passer-by told me that in some years with the right combination of freezing and thawing the disk breaks free and begins rotating. Another person told me he previously watched a “sitting duck” do a complete circuit on the disk in about an hour without moving. Here are three views I took from different angles.

2 thoughts on “Westbrook’S Ice Disk

  1. Oh, I was so glad to read that the ice disk looks like it’s coming back! It was very exciting when it first appeared a few years ago. Something to look forward to when we get home.


    1. I think the more likely explanation is that there’s an extra-terrestrial spaceship below causing the vortex. The space vehicle likely comes and goes in the middle of the night when no one is around.


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