Ice: Did You Know?

When water freezes it becomes less dense and expands. That’s why if your house pipes freeze they burst, causing you a big headache and money. The freezing process causes the individual molecules to crystalize into a tetrahedral shape. What’s that? Start the video, below, to see an animation of what happens.

After a warm start to winter we’ve been experiencing a cold snap in Maine. This morning’s temperature was -5o F here on the southern coast, but to the west and north it went down to ~ -20o F. I took advantage of the cold recently on two photo outings to capture some ice views. Both locations were at rivers marked by the occasional creaking and cracking of ice, due to expansion, and water or tidal flow. Ice can make for some great abstracts and scenes. Unfortunately, ice is on the “endangered list” as it’s annual appearance shortens and glaciers around the world melt.

To see more of my images click on color and black & white.

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