Florida Surfing

With some angst I booked a flight and visited friends in Florida (I’m pleased to report that I tested negative for Covid-19 three days after my return). Since they live near a surfing beach I dragged my heavy lenses and tripod to photograph these water warriors. It wasn’t exactly warm in Florida, as the temperature took a dive from the 70s to 45 — 60o F. So even here in northern Florida surfers were wearing their lighter wet-suits.

I first went to a stretch of beach where there were several surfers. Unfortunately, none of them were very adept at catching waves; I was mostly looking at bobbing heads and failed attempts. But further down the beach there were two surfers, once of which had no problems catching waves (see him, above).

I include surfers on this environmental blog because, aside from driving to and from beaches, this is a pretty green activity. Of course, their primary reason for surfing is fun, and many report it to be a Zen-like experience. To see more of these surfing images go to my on-line gallery.

I plan some surfing videos in the near future. In the meantime for those of you with Amazon Prime, check out White Rhino.

If you’re a surfer let me know about some of your experiences in the comments section.

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