Infrared At Reid State Park

Readers might recall my storm waves shoot at this park back in early April where the winds were gusting up near 60 MPH. This day saw a calmer Reid with partly cloudy skies. Ideal for infrared photography! The following video shows how nice the day was; compare this to my earlier post.

Music: Warm Memories – Emotional Inspiring Piano by Keys of Moon | Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Music promoted by

I used my medium format camera loaded with Ilford SFX 200 film along with an infrared filter (092 IR 695 20-40x). I made my best exposures using an exposure index of 3 on my light meter at 1/15 second @ f/16. However, Ilford states that the film should be developed at ISO 200.

Infrared provides a surrealist view of your subject. With the right compositions it creates what I think is a very artistic image; I wouldn’t suggest it for portraits or weddings, though. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Take for instance Bob Dylan in color infrared–you can order a print for just $1200.

You can find my photos at my on-line gallery.

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