Looking for Wildlife

Like everyone, lock-down is beginning to wear on me. And even though the corona virus is more likely to result in complications and death for those 60+ and the infirm, media reports have shown that these can also strike the young and healthy. So, deciding to go back to our work and social settings is […]

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When Will We Return?

Like many of you, I’m wondering how long I have to live like Matt Damon’s character in the 2015 film, The Martian. Those of you who have read this page are familiar with my concept of Micro-industrialization. The social science literature describes several predominant modes of subsistence: hunter-gather, horticultural, agricultural, industrial, and post-industrial, all of […]

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The New ID NOW Covid-19 Test

COVID-19 Virus Update: It turns out that Maine’s CDC has received only 5 percent of the tests it expected from Abbot laboratories. An indeterminate number of additional tests should be delivered later this month, according to Abbot Labs. This is a serious setback, since only with widespread testing can we understand how to accurately start […]

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Tracking COVID-19 Infections

You can see in the following chart that infections are accelerating at an exponential rate while recoveries lag behind at this time. The logarithmic chart normalizes (smooths the curves) the data so they can meet this assumption for statistical modeling. Infections are now about doubling daily. coronavirus.jhu.edu/

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Life in the Time of COVID-19

I’m thinking that during this unprecedented and difficult time many of us might be thinking the worst. A lot of “What ifs . . . .” So, maybe a quick diversion. Since this blog is mostly related to our natural environment, very few of my photos are posted here. However, I’m in the process of […]

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