Falmouth Town Landing in Infrared

Falmouth Town Landing

It’s tough getting to the water right now because everyone is looking to get out of their houses. The parking lots are filled! However, I did manage to get onto Falmouth Landing on Sunday morning where I took several infrared shots. You can find more at my on-line gallery.

It’s challenging to get infrared exposures right since light-meters measure visible light. Instead, you have to experiment and bracket each exposure. If the scene contains a lot of red light, such as during twilight, the film will be more sensitive. It’s also more sensitive in bright sunlight. In any event, if you’re shooting with film you might have fun trying infrared. You’ll need one of the red filters, depending on which type of film you use. One caution, if you use far infrared, you will have to load and unload your camera in total darkness. You can learn more by Googling “using  infrared film.”