Insectorama: Season 3

I went out recently to Mill Brook Preserve looking for insects to photograph. Unfortunately, aside from biting bugs and other pests, insects are getting harder to find. I only found two, shown below. This is due in major part to climate change, though habitat loss and pesticide use are secondary factors. The sixth extinction includes […]

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Introducing: The Cranefly

I found this fellow perched on the outside of my sliding glass door this morning. I thought it was a male mosquito since they are much larger than their female counterparts (the ones that bite us). However, a search in Bug Finder revealed it to be the cranefly. You can read more about it on […]

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Insectorama: Second Season

Falmouth Audubon: Google Earth photo I went out to the Gilsland Farm (Falmouth Audubon), yesterday. It was a good bug photography day–overcast, light wind and about 75° F. As I walked along many of the field and woods paths I wasn’t finding too much going on in the bug world. Perhaps that’s because we’re living […]

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Winter Moths on Peaks Island

The other night while driving to my friends’ on Peaks Island I saw thousands of winter moths in my headlights. When I returned home there were dozens on the outside wall by my lighted front door. I told my friends about this who said that southern Maine is loaded with these pests that became established […]

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The Great Black Wasp

Living underground, the iridescent Great Black Wasp pollinates flowers while feeding itself, and removes plant pests while feeding its young making it a great friend to gardens and fields. They keep the grasshopper and cricket populations under control. This rather unaware grasshopper on the right is feeding in the same bush as the wasps. You […]

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Is There a God?

Apparently the Praying Mantis thinks so. Or maybe it’s poised to grab an insect (or Humming Bird). Whatever the reason we found one near my sister’s family home in Connecticut. The various Mantis’ are humanity’s friends since they eat many of those insects that eat our crops. Load your garden up with them. They are […]

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The “Deadly” Scorpionfly

Well, it looks dangerous, but it isn’t. It only looks a bit like a scorpion. I found this guy in the reeds along side the Oatka Creek. Found in the eastern U.S., the “stinger” is the male’s copulatory organ. They feed on dead insects. You can see more of what I’ve photographed at Insectorama. More […]

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Emerging Insects

Recall two of my recent posts, The Bugs Are Coming, where I discussed the bugs that are bad for us, and Where Have All the Insects Gone?  . . . , where I reported that many of the good insects are disappearing. Well, things are starting to gear up with the bugs now emerging. It […]

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Coming Attractions

Starting in later April I will be bringing you photos of various insects from around the Northeast. Oooh! Insects you might wince, why insects? I know, we are not crazy about them. They look kind of scary, they bite us, and sometimes get into our food supply. What’s to like? The reality is they are […]

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