Macro Photography As Fine Art

Dead wood when carefully composed and shot renders some great studies in form and texture. Take, for example, the photo on the left. As wood decomposes it returns nutrients and carbon to the soil thus providing for new life. However, in the meantime it provides for some interesting views, in this case several of those pleasing triangles outlined with the detail of their wood frames.

I call the photo on the right Quantum Blossums because it reminds me of those subatomic particles popping into existence from nothing, then within a fraction of a nano-second diappearing back into nothing. These transient particles are what comprise atoms. Particle physicists have demonstrated this time and again when they smash atoms in high energy particle accelerators.

This means that all observable matter (we don’t yet know about dark matter), including us, are composed of constantly appearing and disappearing matter! No divine intervention necessary. If this blows your mind, don’t feel too bad. It blows the minds of particle physicists also. The quantum world is a probalistic world, one without cause and effect that creates the macro universe in which we live where cause and effect are mathematically, experimentally, and visually observed.

Have you heard this one? A guy goes into a quantum cafe and orders a dry martini (shaken, not stirred). The bartender says, “Well, maybe.” The guy ends up with a Bloody Mary.

You can find more of my macro fine art shots here.

I hope to hear of any of your quantum adventures.

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