Saturday On the Lake

This past weekend I went to Sebago Lake State Park. Being retired I normally avoid public use areas on weekends to avoid crowds. However, the weather was exceptionally nice and I had nothing else to do. So off I went, getting to the park around 2:30. This would give me time to

Sebago Lake State Park

walk around to find some of the best scenes. I also anticipated that people would start leaving by late afternoon.

Sebago Lake is Maine’s second largest and deepest lake. It’s the primary water source for Portland’s water district and supplies twenty percent of Maine’s population. Maine is currently in a moderate to severe drought, depending on geographical location. Looking around the shoreline I could see that the lake level was down. The lake’s level varies with the seasons, but right now the level is a foot lower than at this time last year, due to the lack of rain.

I was somewhat surprised to find that the parking lots were only about half full, though the boat launch parking lot was full. You could see boats sailing and powering (mostly the latter) all around the lake. Some boaters were playing loud music (ugh). Perhaps they didn’t know that there is little attenuation of sound over water.

In any event, I found what I thought were a few good scenes. I photographed with my 35 mm camera on a tripod using a circular polarizing filter and Ilford’s FP4 125 film. After some initial photo processing I toned the photos with a bluish cast.

As we come into fall I’ll have to start shooting in color and save B+W for winter.

More photos here