My On-line Gallery Reorganization

Although my primary purpose is to show off the natural environment, I have several galleries that show non-environmental photos. Consequently, I decided it would be a better viewer experience if I separated these galleries by placing them into “Other Views” folders. But no good idea goes unpunished! This reorganization broke many of the links to […]

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The Nor-easter Barrels In

Although the storm peaked the night after my Prelude post, it was still going the following day (wind was between 25 & 30 MPH) when these photos were taken. Still, southern Maine wasn’t hit as hard as Boston and New York that saw wind speeds up to 60 MPH. Each shot was taken 0.1 seconds […]

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Prelude To a Nor-easter

The definition goes like this: An eastern North American storm that usually develops between the Georgia and New Jersey latitudes, progressing northeastward and typified by potentially violent northeast winds: most frequent and intense from September through April; nor’easters can develop within a hundred miles of the east coast and commonly bring heavy rain or snow […]

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Macro Photography As Fine Art

Dead wood when carefully composed and shot renders some great studies in form and texture. Take, for example, the photo on the left. As wood decomposes it returns nutrients and carbon to the soil thus providing for new life. However, in the meantime it provides for some interesting views, in this case several of those […]

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Nubble Light

Nubble Light sits on a giant rock, about 200 feet offshore. I’m not sure what it is about lighthouses but people flock to them, me included. Perhaps it’s because they look so majestic against the sea or one of the Great Lakes. They were certainly part of a green system of transportation. With just a […]

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Can Renewables Save Us?

Originally Published July 10, 2021 Updates: The New York Times recently reported how the race for lithium to power batteries for electric vehicles will further degrade the environment. The Times again raises the question of what percentage of power to recharge those batteries will come from renewable energy. Neither are bio-fuels the answer to a […]

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Insectorama: Season 3

I went out recently to Mill Brook Preserve looking for insects to photograph. Unfortunately, aside from biting bugs and other pests, insects are getting harder to find. I only found two, shown below. This is due in major part to climate change, though habitat loss and pesticide use are secondary factors. The sixth extinction includes […]

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