Out on the Nunavik Tundra

As I said in my prior post, it’s just you and the members of your expedition with nature when you’re on the Tundra. It was just a wonderful experience. All my photos to this point have been taken with my smaller Fuji X100S. Once I was out on the Tundra it was time to pull out the heavy glass, up to 6 pounds of it with my Canon 100-400mm lens attached to my Canon 7D camera body. I also used a Tokina 11-16mm f / 2.8 wide angle for the Aurora and some landscape shots, and the standard Canon 15-85mm lens, also for landscapes. You can see some of my photos of the Nunavik Tundra.

Now its time to start working on the photo book that will include about 60 (not as yet seen) Tundra photos. I expect this to be completed sometime in the early part of next year. It will also contain some description of Inuit culture and how they view their land.

So, that’s it for now regarding the Tundra.  I just received an offer to photograph a performance by the SUNY Brockport Dance Company. I suspect it will be tougher to capture the dancers in my view finder than it was the musk-ox.

Stay tuned!

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