Maine’s Rocky Coast

Originally posted 10/1/2014: Occasionally I revisit past posts that I find particularly interesting. What would a photo trip to Maine’s coast be without including a focus on its rocks? You’ve seen these in numerous photos where they look great from a distance, but I decided to literally focus on them up close. This is also […]

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Sunset at Boothbay Harbor

I finally got to the Boothbay Region and its harbor a couple of weeks ago. I visited once in my twenties, and again about 14 years ago. It’s certainly an upscale spot on the mid-coast—several tour buses were still bringing people into town to shop and sight-see. After getting some local maps from Visitor Information […]

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Maine Events

Although my blog’s focus is the natural environment, here I make an exception to focus on the social environment. My friends have invited me to several events here on the coast. The first was the Common Ground Fair, held annually up the coast in Unity Maine. It features the produce of Maine’s organic farmers and […]

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On to Rockland

I drove up to Rockland earlier this week to decide if it might be a good area to spend a few days during peak foliage. It is a “come back” town. Formerly a run-down fishing community, today it has a museum of American art, about a dozen art galleries, coffee houses; and upscale, independent stores. […]

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The Celebration of Surf

Ahh, surf. I love its sound—it roars in, then pounds and crashes onto the beach. It’s even better when it hits the rocks! It’s loud, yet relaxing. Of course, as we all know, the Beach Boys popularized surf. I grew up with surf at Horseneck Beach in Westport, Massachusetts. My sister and I loved going […]

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Full Moon Over Casco Bay?

What would a celebration of an astronomical event such as a full moon rise be without the turnout of some of the local residents? Here we see some of them bobbing offshore and perched on the rocks.As I reported last month, we attempted to photograph the rise of the super moon in the Adirondacks. That […]

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Maine’s Lighthouses

Strictly speaking, lighthouses are not part of the natural environment since they’re human-made. Nevertheless, they occupy a special place in our collective psyche. Everyone loves lighthouses—they always have onlookers on nice days, particularly on week-ends and holidays. They are one of the few things we have built that just seem to fit in with the […]

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Stonehenge (On Peaks)?

The other day I was whizzing along Seashore Avenue when I spotted a field of cairns (artistically stacked stones) along the shore, shown in the following two photographs. I couldn’t believe it. These would have taken forever for someone to build, and given that they were delicately placed in most cases they would not last […]

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Scoping Out the mid-Coast

The past couple of days has seen me traveling up and down the mid-coast, racking up about 400 miles. So far I’ve haven’t seen much except for the usual touristy stuff. What’s that Johnny Cash song? “I’ve been everywhere man,  . . . .” The trip, of course, begins with the ferry crossing (actually, it […]

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