Surfin’ Safari

Setting up my camera I was confronted with two exposure problems. The first was the beach’s southern exposure that required me to maintain a shooting angle away from the sun. The second was the surfer’s black wet-suits.

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The Nor-easter Barrels In

Although the storm peaked the night after my Prelude post, it was still going the following day (wind was between 25 & 30 MPH) when these photos were taken. Still, southern Maine wasn’t hit as hard as Boston and New York that saw wind speeds up to 60 MPH. Each shot was taken 0.1 seconds […]

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The Celebration of Surf

Ahh, surf. I love its sound—it roars in, then pounds and crashes onto the beach. It’s even better when it hits the rocks! It’s loud, yet relaxing. Of course, as we all know, the Beach Boys popularized surf. I grew up with surf at Horseneck Beach in Westport, Massachusetts. My sister and I loved going […]

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