Exxon and It’s Big Lie

Exxon conducted scientific research in the 1970s and accurately predicted increased global temperatures as a result of fossil fuel emissions. Nevertheless, it continued to assert there was no evidence for this.


Coming Soon: Earth Day 2022

Watch for this when it goes live at 7:00 AM (EDT) on April 22. In addition to my commentary and rewind of my short fiction, Xertox, the post will feature contributions from Marvin Gaye, Carl Sagan, the IPCC, and, of course, NASA and NOAA. You won’t want to miss it!

My On-line Gallery Reorganization

Although my primary purpose is to show off the natural environment, I have several galleries that show non-environmental photos. Consequently, I decided it would be a better viewer experience if I separated these galleries by placing them into “Other Views” folders.

But no good idea goes unpunished! This reorganization broke many of the links to my on-line galleries in my previous posts. However, I did go back through my more recent posts and inserted the new links. Still, my older posts, going back to 2011, will still have broken links to my on-line galleries (links to other content providers will still work, unless they abandoned those pages). If you notify me of any broken links to my on-line galleries I might be able to fix them; however, many of those older posts will link to photos in my former SlickPic gallery that I no longer have.

Alas, this is the problem with the digital world, things can be lost much easier than hard-copy or analogue. That’s why many directors in the motion picture industry still prefer 70mm film (still made by Kodak) rather than digital. Unfortunately, this film production has ended or will be ending soon. Digital is just so much sharper, cheaper to edit, and enables special effects that can’t be done with film.

So here’s my reorganized on-line gallery. Let me know what you think.

SmugMug Joins Stephen Fielding Images

I’m happy to announce that going forward I will be posting all my new images on SmugMug. I think this platform has a better look and provides greater flexibility for managing images. The complete transition to SmugMug will take several months so during this period both platforms will be available.

Want to see it now? Go to SmugMug (or click on its tab on the header menu).


Shrinking Bird Populations

Northern Saw-whet Owl

Association for Applied & Clinical Sociology Proceedings

As a follow-up to my July 9, 2018 post, Climate Change & Health, I will be publishing several WordPress pages from this conference presentation, the first beginning in mid-October. These will tie together much of the data on climate change that I have already discussed. However, I will provide a more detailed discussion of climate change and public policy, along with a bibliography of recent books on the subject, and a wide array of links to scientific databases and publications.

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